You can upgrade your on-premise TimescaleDB installation in-place.

A major upgrade is when you upgrade from one major version of TimescaleDB, to the next major version. For example, when you upgrade from TimescaleDB 1, to TimescaleDB 2.

A minor upgrade is when you upgrade within your current major version of TimescaleDB. For example, when you upgrade from TimescaleDB 2.5, to TimescaleDB 2.6.

If you originally installed TimescaleDB using Docker, you can upgrade from within the Docker container. For more information, and instructions, see the Upgrading with Docker section.

You can also downgrade your TimescaleDB installation to a previous version, if you need to.

Upgrade automatically

Timescale Cloud avoids the manual work involved in updating your TimescaleDB version. Upgrades take place automatically during a maintenance window picked by you. Learn more about automatic version upgrades in Timescale Cloud.

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