Downgrade TimescaleDB versions

If you upgrade your TimescaleDB version and encounter problems, you can immediately roll back your upgrade. To downgrade to your previous version, connect to your database and run:


For example:

ALTER EXTENSION timescaledb UPDATE TO '2.5.1';


If you're connecting to your database with psql, connect with the -X flag. This prevents any commands in .psqlrc from loading another TimescaleDB version.

You can verify that the downgrade worked by running \dx timescaledb to see the version number of the extension.


Downgrading might not be supported for all versions. Where possible, downgrades between patch versions and between consecutive minor versions are supported. For example, you can downgrade from TimescaleDB 2.5.2 to 2.5.1, or from 2.5.0 to 2.4.2. However, some versions might not support downgrading. To check whether you can downgrade from a specific version, see the release notes.

Where supported, the downgrade script is tested for a single-step downgrade from the current version to the previous version. Multi-step downgrades may work but have not been tested. Downgrading might not work if you make changes to your database between upgrading and downgrading.

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