Migrating data


First make sure that you have properly installed AND setup TimescaleDB within your PostgreSQL instance.

There are a number of choices available to migrate data into TimescaleDB:

1. Migrating from an existing PostgreSQL instance

Depending on where your data is currently stored, the steps to migrate it to TimescaleDB are slightly different.

  1. Same database: If you want to setup TimescaleDB in the same database in the same PostgreSQL instance as your stored data, follow these instructions.

  2. Different database: If you want to migrate data from a different database or a different PostgreSQL instance altogether, follow these instructions.

2. Importing data from

If you have a dataset stored in a .csv file, you can import it into an empty TimescaleDB hypertable. follow these instructions


When converting a normal SQL table to a hypertable, pay attention to how you handle constraints. A hypertable can contain foreign keys to normal SQL table columns, but the reverse is not allowed. UNIQUE and PRIMARY constraints must include the partitioning key.

3. Migrating from InfluxDB

If you want to migrate data from InfluxDB, follow these instructions

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