This will install both TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL via Homebrew.

Note: TimescaleDB requires PostgreSQL 12.0 or 13.2, or later


Build and install


If you have another PostgreSQL installation (such as through Postgres.app), the following instructions will cause problems. If you wish to maintain your current version of PostgreSQL outside of Homebrew we recommend installing from source. Otherwise please be sure to remove non-Homebrew installations before using this method.
# Add our tap
brew tap timescale/tap

# To install
brew install timescaledb

# Post-install to move files to appropriate place

Configure your database

There are a variety of settings that can be configured for your new database. At a minimum, you will need to update your postgresql.conf file to include shared_preload_libraries = 'timescaledb'. The easiest way to get started is to run timescaledb-tune, which is installed as a dependency when you install via Homebrew:


This will ensure that our extension is properly added to the parameter shared_preload_libraries as well as offer suggestions for tuning memory, parallelism, and other settings.

To get started you'll now need to restart PostgreSQL and add a postgres superuser (used in the rest of the docs):

# Restart PostgreSQL instance
brew services restart postgresql

# Add a superuser postgres:
createuser postgres -s


Our standard binary releases are licensed under the Timescale License, which allows to use all our capabilities. If you want to use a version that contains _only_ Apache 2.0 licensed code, you should use brew install timescaledb --with-oss-only.

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