PostgreSQL Kafka connector

You can ingest data into TimescaleDB using the Kafka Connect JDBC sink connector. The connector is deployed to a Kafka Connect runtime service, and ingests change events from PostgreSQL databases, such as TimescaleDB.

The deployed connector monitors one or more schemas within a TimescaleDB server and writes all change events to Kafka topics, which can be independently consumed by one or more clients. Kafka Connect can be distributed to provide fault tolerance to ensure the connectors are running and continually keeping up with changes in the database.

You can also use the PostgreSQL connector as a library without Kafka, which allows applications and services to connect directly to TimescaleDB and retrieve change events. This approach requires the application to record the progress of the connector so that if the connection is reset, it can continue where it left off. This approach is useful for less critical use cases. However, for production installations, you can use the Kafka Connect JDBC sink connector.

For more information about the Kafka Connect JDBC Sink connector, see the Kafka connector GitHub page.

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