This section contains some ideas for troubleshooting common problems experienced with hypertables.

Dropping chunks times out

When you drop a chunk, it requires an exclusive lock. If a chunk is being accessed by another session, you cannot drop the chunk at the same time. If a drop chunk operation can't get the lock on the chunk, then it times out and the process fails. To resolve this problem, check what is locking the chunk. In some cases, this could be caused by a continuous aggregate or other process accessing the chunk. When the drop chunk operation can get an exclusive lock on the chunk, it completes as expected.

For more information about locks, see the PostgreSQL lock monitoring documentation.

Can't create unique index on hypertable, or can't create hypertable with unique index

ERROR: cannot create a unique index without the column "<COLUMN_NAME>" (used in partitioning)

You might get a unique index and partitioning column error in 2 situations:

  • When creating a primary key or unique index on a hypertable
  • When creating a hypertable from a table that already has a unique index or primary key

For more information on how to fix this problem, see the section on creating unique indexes on hypertables.

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