Troubleshooting hyperfunctions and TimescaleDB Toolkit

This section contains some ideas for troubleshooting common problems experienced with hyperfunctions and TimescaleDB Toolkit.

Updating the Toolkit extension fails with an error saying no update path

In some cases, when you create the extension, or use the ALTER EXTENSION timescaledb_toolkit UPDATE command to update the Toolkit extension, it might fail with an error like this:

ERROR:  extension "timescaledb_toolkit" has no update path from version "1.2" to version "1.3"

This occurs if the list of available extensions does not include the version you are trying to upgrade to, and it can occur if the package was not installed correctly in the first place. To correct the problem, install the upgrade package, restart PostgreSQL, verify the version, and then attempt the update again.

Troubleshooting TimescaleDB Toolkit setup

  1. If you're installing Toolkit from a package, check your package manager's local repository list. Make sure the TimescaleDB repository is available and contains Toolkit. For instructions on adding the TimescaleDB repository, see the installation guides:
  2. Update your local repository list with apt update or yum update.
  3. Restart your PostgreSQL service.
  4. Check that the right version of Toolkit is among your available extensions:
    SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions
      WHERE name = 'timescaledb_toolkit';
    The result should look like this:
    -[ RECORD 1 ]-----+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    name              | timescaledb_toolkit
    default_version   | 1.6.0
    installed_version | 1.6.0
    comment           | Library of analytical hyperfunctions, time-series pipelining, and other SQL utilities

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