Install TimescaleDB Toolkit

Some hyperfunctions are included in the default TimescaleDB product. For additional hyperfunctions, you need to install the Timescale Toolkit PostgreSQL extension.

If you are using Timescale Cloud, the Toolkit is already installed.

On Managed TimescaleDB, run this command on each database you want to use the Toolkit with:

CREATE EXTENSION timescaledb_toolkit;

You can update an installed version of the Toolkit using this command:

ALTER EXTENSION timescaledb_toolkit UPDATE;

Install Toolkit on self-hosted TimescaleDB

If you are hosting your own TimescaleDB database you install the Toolkit extension from the command prompt.

Installing Toolkit on self-hosted TimescaleDB

  1. The extension requires rust, rustfmt, clang, and pgx packages, as well as the PostgreSQL headers for your installed version of PostgreSQL. Install these using your native package manager. For instructions on how to install Rust, see the Rust installation instructions.
  2. Install the TimescaleDB pgx package using Cargo:
    cargo install --git --branch timescale2 cargo-pgx && \
    cargo pgx init --pg13 pg_config
  3. Clone the Toolkit repository, and change into the new directory:
    git clone && \
    cd timescaledb-toolkit/extension
  4. Use Cargo to complete installation:
    cargo pgx install --release && \
    cargo run --manifest-path ../tools/post-install/Cargo.toml -- pg_config

For more information about installing Toolkit from source, see our developer documentation .

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