Data retention with continuous aggregates

Extra care must be taken when using retention policies or drop_chunks calls on hypertables which have continuous aggregates defined on them. Similar to a refresh of a materialized view, a refresh on a continuous aggregate updates the aggregate to reflect changes in the underlying source data. This means that any chunks that are dropped in the region still being refreshed by the continuous aggregate causes the chunk data to disappear from the aggregate as well. If the intent is to keep the aggregate while dropping the underlying data, the interval being dropped should not overlap with the offsets for the continuous aggregate. For more information, see the troubleshooting section.

As an example, let's add a continuous aggregate to our conditions hypertable:

CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW conditions_summary_daily (day, device, temp)
WITH (timescaledb.continuous) AS
  SELECT time_bucket('1 day', time), device, avg(temperature)
  FROM conditions
  GROUP BY (1, 2);

SELECT add_continuous_aggregate_policy('conditions_summary_daily', '7 days', '1 day', '1 day');

This creates the conditions_summary_daily aggregate which stores the daily temperature per device from our conditions table. However, we have a problem here if we're using our 24 hour retention policy from above, as our aggregate captures changes to the data for up to seven days. As a result, you update the aggregate when you drop the chunk from the table, and you'll ultimately end up with no data in the conditions_summary_daily table.

We can fix this by replacing the conditions retention policy with one having a more suitable interval:

SELECT remove_retention_policy('conditions');
SELECT add_retention_policy('conditions', INTERVAL '30 days');

It's worth noting that continuous aggregates are also valid targets for drop_chunks and retention policies. To continue our example, we now have our conditions table holding the last 30 days worth of data, and our conditions_daily_summary holding average daily values for an indefinite window after that. The following changes this to also drop the aggregate data after 600 days:

SELECT add_retention_policy('conditions_summary_daily', INTERVAL '600 days');

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