Refreshing continuous aggregates

When using refresh_continuous_aggregate it is possible to use NULL to indicate an open-ended range either for the start of the window or the end of the window. For example, to refresh the complete range of a continuous aggregate, write:

CALL refresh_continuous_aggregate('conditions_summary_hourly, NULL, NULL);

However, we do not recommend open-ended refreshes on continuous aggregates when there is a continuous ingest of new data since that would trigger a refresh of time buckets that are not yet completely filled. It might also materialize a lot of data, increase write amplification, and affect other policies such as data retention.

You should avoid refreshing time intervals that still see a lot of writes, which is usually the last bucket of the continuous aggregate. These intervals are still changing and are unlikely to produce accurate aggregates, while at the same time slowing down the ingest rate of the hypertable due to write amplification. If you want to include the latest bucket in your queries, you should instead rely on real-time aggregation.

The schedule_interval option to add_continuous_aggregate_policy controls how frequently materialization jobs will be run. Setting a shorter interval will refresh more frequently but at the same time consume more background worker resources.

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