Resizing compute and storage in Timescale Forge

Timescale Forge allows you to resize compute (CPU/RAM) and storage independently at any time. This is extremely useful when users have a need to increase storage (for instance) but not compute. The Timescale Forge console makes this very easy to do for any service.

Before you modify the compute or storage settings for a Forge Service, please note the following limitations and when a change to these settings will result in momentary downtime.

Storage: Storage changes are applied with no downtime, typically available within a few seconds. Other things to note about storage changes:

  • At the current time, storage can only be increased in size.
  • Storage size changes can only be made once every six (6) hours.
  • Storage can be modified in various increments between 10GB and 10TB.

Compute: Modifications to the compute size of your service (increases or decreases) can be applied at any time, however, please note the following:

  • There will be momentary downtime while the compute settings are applied. In most cases, this downtime will be less than 30 seconds.
  • Because there will be an interruption to your service, you should plan accordingly to have the settings applied at an appropriate service window.

Step 1: View service operation details

To modify the compute or storage of your Service, first select the Service that you want to modify. This will display the service details which list four tabs across the top: Overview, Operations, Metrics, and Logs.

Select Operations.

Step 2: Display the current service resources

Under the Operations tab, you can perform the same Basic operations as before (Reset password, Pause service, Delete service). There is now a second, advanced section on the left labeled Resources. Selecting this option displays the current resource settings for the Service.

Step 3: Modify service resources

Once you have navigated to the current Service resources, it's easy to modify either the compute (CPU/Memory) or disk size. As you modify either setting, notice that the current and new hourly charges are displayed in real-time so that it's easy to verify how these changes will impact your costs.

As noted above, changes to disk size will not cause any downtime. However, the platform currently only supports increasing disk size (not decreasing it), and you can increase disk size once every six (6) hours.

When you're satisfied with the changes, click Apply (storage resizes only) or Apply and Restart (when modifying compute resources).

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