Run Promscale in a multi-node environment

You can use Promscale to write and read data within a TimescaleDB multi-node environment.

To start, set up a multi-node TimescaleDB cluster, following the instructions in the TimescaleDB multi-node section. When your multi-node cluster is running, you can connect Promscale to the access node of the cluster. Promscale then creates the tables, objects, and roles that it needs. You can connect to the access node to query Promscale SQL data.

Expanding the cluster

When you have a TimescaleDB multi-node cluster that is being written to by Promscale, you can add nodes to the cluster using the add_data_node() function. These commands add the data node and uses the add_prom_node(node_name) function to add Promscale functionality. For example:

SELECT add_data_node('example_node_name', host => 'example_host_address')
SELECT add_prom_node('example_node_name');


Make sure that you run the add_prom_node command as the same database user as the one writing data from Promscale.

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