Install the observability stack (tobs) for Kubernetes

The observability stack (tobs) is a command-line tool for managing the observability stack components in a Kubernetes cluster.

Before you begin, you should already have installed and set up your Kubernetes cluster.

Install the packages

You can install tobs at the command prompt, using the curl command:

curl --proto '=https' -A 'tobs' --tlsv1.2 -sSLf |sh

Alternatively, you can download directly from our repository to install from source. Make sure you have the go programing language installed before you begin. When you have downloaded the source, unzip it and change into the cli directory, and run this command to install:

make build -o tobs

Make sure you move the tobs binary from its current directory to your /bin directory, or add it to your PATH.

Configure tobs for your Kubernetes cluster

When you have the tobs package downloaded and installed on your local system, you can use the tobs command to deploy the stack into your Kubernetes cluster:

tobs install

This command deploys all of the tobs component into your cluster. Follow the prompts to complete set up.

Install tracing support

In tobs version 0.7.0 and later, tracing components are included in the stack. To install the tracing components, use this command:

tobs install --tracing

For more information about Promscale tracing, see the distributed tracing section.


If you are having trouble with tobs, check that you are using a compatible version of tobs and Kubernetes:

Tobs versionKubernetes version
0.8.x1.21 to 1.23
0.7.x1.19 to 1.21

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