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At Timescale, we help the PostgreSQL community improve their time-series and analytics workloads. We offer a cloud service, also named Timescale, as well as TimescaleDB, a PostgreSQL extension which provides some of the database features of Timescale. Any TimescaleDB database using the Timescale License contains features such as:

  • Hypertables
  • Continuous aggregates
  • Compression
  • And more...

On top of that, Timescale, the cloud service, provides added convenience such as worry-free backups and easy replicas, and exclusive features such as data tiering to object storage.

To understand which product each section of our guides applies to, look for the following icons at the top of each page.

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Timescale is a PostgreSQL data platform for time-series, events, and analytics. It extends PostgreSQL with the power of the cloud, so you can build faster and scale further at effective cost.

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Self-hosted TimescaleDB

A PostgreSQL extension that includes the database features of Timescale. Host on your own hardware.

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Managed Service for TimescaleDB

Hosted TimescaleDB provided in partnership with Aiven.

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