Integrate Managed Service for TimescaleDB and Google Data Studio

You can create reports or perform some analysis on data you have in Managed Service for TimescaleDB using Google Data Studio. You can use Data Studio to integrate other data sources, such as YouTube Analytics, MySQL, BigQuery, AdWords, and others.

Before you begin

  • You should also have a Google account.
  • In the service overview page of the Managed Service for TimescaleDB service:
    • Download the CA certificate named ca.pem for your Managed Service for TimescaleDB service.
    • Make a note of the Host, Port, Database name, User, and Password fields for the Managed Service for TimescaleDB service.

Connecting to Managed Service for TimescaleDB data source from Data Studio

  1. Log in to Google and open Google Data Studio.
  2. Click the Create + button and choose Data source.
  3. Select PostgreSQL as the Google Connector.
  4. In the Database Authentication tab, type details for the Host Name, Port, Database, Username, and Password fields.
  5. Select Enable SSL and upload your server certificate file, ca.pem.
  7. Choose the table to be queried, or select CUSTOM QUERY to create an SQL query.
  8. Click CONNECT.

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