About services

A managed TimescaleDB service is an instance that corresponds to a cloud service provider tier. You can access all your services from the Services tab within your projects. Before you begin, make sure you have signed up to Managed Service for TimescaleDB and created your account.

Create a service

When you have your account set up, you can log in to the Managed Service for TimescaleDB portal and create your first service.

Procedure: Creating a service

  1. Log in to your account. By default, you start in the Services view, showing any services you currently have in your project.
  2. Click Create a new service.
  3. In the Select your service section, click TimescaleDB:
  4. In the Select your cloud service provider and Select your cloud service region sections, choose the provider and region that you prefer, or accept the default values.
  5. In the Select your service plan section, use the tabs to find a plan that best fits your needs.
  6. In the Provide your service name section, type a name for your new service.
  7. When you are happy with your selections, click Create Service to go back
    to the Services view while your service is created. The status indicator says Rebuilding while the service is created. It is ready for you to use when the indicator is green and says Running. This usually takes a couple of minutes, but different clouds can vary. You can click the service name in the list to see more information and make changes.


During your Managed Service for TimescaleDB trial, you have up to US$300 in credits to use. This is enough credit to complete all our tutorials and run a few test projects.

If you're interested in learning more about pricing, visit the Managed Service for TimescaleDB pricing calculator. Or, contact us and we can walk you through the best configuration for your use case.

Access your database

The best way to access your new database is using the psql command line utility. If you haven't already installed psql, you can follow these instructions.

Procedure: Accessing your database

  1. In the Managed Service for TimescaleDB account Services view, click the name of your new Grafana service.
  2. On the service details page, take a note of the service URI for your service.
  3. Open a terminal, and use psql to connect to your service using the URI:
    psql -x "postgres://tsdbadmin:[password]@[hostname]:[port]/defaultdb?sslmode=require"
    When your connection is successful, you see a message like this:
    psql (12.2, server 11.6)
    SSL connection (protocol: TLSv1.3, cipher: TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, bits: 256, compression: off)
    Type "help" for help.
    [email protected]=>
  4. You can verify that TimescaleDB is installed by running the \dx command at the psql prompt to see a list of all your PostgreSQL extensions.

Now you have your service up and running, you can try your first tutorial.

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