When you a fork a service, you create an exact copy of the service, including the underlying database. You can use a fork of your service to:

  • Create a development copy of your production environment.
  • Set up a snapshot to analyze an issue or test an upgrade.
  • Create an instance in a different cloud, geographical location, or under a different plan.

For more information about projects, plans, and other details about services,see Services.

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Created a service in your Managed Service for TimescaleDB account.
  • Installed Aiven Client.
  1. In the Aiven client, connect to your Managed Service for TimescaleDB service.

  2. Switch to the project that contains the service you want to fork:

    avn project switch <PROJECT>
  3. List the services in the project, and make a note of the service that you want to fork, listed under SERVICE_NAME column in the output.

    avn service list
  4. Get the details of the service that you want to fork:

    avn service get <SERVICE_NAME>
  5. Create the fork:

    avn service create <NAME_OF_FORK> --project <PROJECT_ID>\
    -t <SERVICE_TYPE> --plan <PLAN> --cloud <CLOUD_NAME>\
    -c service_to_fork_from=<NAME_OF_SERVICE_TO_FORK>

To create a fork named grafana-fork for a service named grafana with these parameters:

  • PROJECT_ID: project-fork
  • CLOUD_NAME: timescale-aws-us-east-1
  • PLAN_TYPE: dashboard-1
avn service create grafana-fork --project project-fork -t grafana --plan dashboard-1 --cloud timescale-aws-us-east-1 -c service_to_fork_from=grafana

You can switch to project-fork and view the newly created grafana-fork using:

avn service list

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