To serve TimescaleDB deployments in Azure, GCP, and certain regions in AWS, we've partnered with the vendor Aiven to offer Managed Service for TimescaleDB. This is a managed database platform through which you'll be able to deploy TimescaleDB instances with ease, automating operational tasks like scaling, resizing, configuring high availability, and much more.

Timescale Cloud or Managed Service for TimescaleDB?

If your workload lives in the AWS major regions, we recommend using Timescale Cloud. This platform is built and exclusively operated by Timescale, designed to offer maximum cost-effectiveness and performance for time-series data. If you need Azure, GCP, or a specific AWS region not available in Timescale Cloud, Managed Service for TimescaleDB is the best choice for you.

Some important terms:

  • Account: Your Managed Service for TimescaleDB account. You can register for an account on the Managed Service for TimescaleDB signup page.
  • Project: An empty project is created for you automatically when you sign up. Projects help you organize your services and billing settings. You can also use projects to manage user access to your services.
  • Service: A service is an instance that corresponds to a cloud service provider tier. You can access all your services from the Services tab within your projects.
  • Database: Databases are created within a service. You can view and create a database within a service by selecting one of your services, and then navigating to the Databases tab.
  • Service plans: A service plan defines the configuration and level of database management that is performed for a given TimescaleDB deployment.

Built and operated by the TimescaleDB team, Managed Service for TimescaleDB provides a flexible relational time-series database:

  • Select between more than 75 regions across AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Choose from more than 2000 possible configurations, from 1 CPUs and 20 GB disk to 72 CPUs and 10 TB disk.
  • Upgrade configuration or migrate between clouds with a single click, and near-zero downtime.
  • Operate worry-free with continuous backups and point-in-time recovery, highly-available pairs and auto-failover.

Ingest high velocity data and perform fast SQL analysis across massive, high-cardinality datasets.

  • Write millions of data points per second.
  • 10 to 100 times faster queries than PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB.
  • Advanced columnar compression for 94 - 97% compression savings.
  • Built-in query optimizations and parallelization.

Purpose-built time-series analytical functions that build on PostgreSQL.

  • Advanced time-series functions, including downsampling and interpolation.
  • Real-time continuous aggregations for fast, up-to-date answers.
  • Unlimited metadata, JOIN relational and time-series data.
  • Data retention policies for both raw and aggregate data.

Build data-driven apps, services, and systems faster using the programming languages and tools you already know, proven PostgreSQL ecosystem, and pre-built integrations and extensions.

  • Full SQL, no restrictions
  • Entire toolset available, including PostgreSQL extensions, ORMs, connectors, JDBC, and applications.
  • Connect applications securely with VPC Peering and IP whitelisting.
  • SOC2, HIPAA, ISO27001, CCPA, and GDPR compliance.

For more information on Managed Service for TimescaleDB's terms of service, visit the Timescale website.

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