Create a service with demo data

Timescale Cloud is a hosted, cloud-native TimescaleDB service that allows you to quickly spin up new TimescaleDB instances. You can try Timescale Cloud for free, no credit card required.

A good way to get started with your first service is to use our demo dataset. Make sure you have created your Timescale Cloud account, and launch your first service with the Allmilk Factory interactive demo to learn more about how TimescaleDB works with your time series data.

For installation instructions, and help getting your first service up and running, see the Timescale Cloud installation section.

Where to next

Now that you have your first service up and running, you can check out the Timescale Cloud section in our documentation, and find out what you can do with it.

If you want to work through some tutorials to help you get up and running with TimescaleDB and time-series data, check out our tutorials section.

If you're interested in learning more about pricing for Managed Service for TimescaleDB, visit the managed service for TimescaleDB pricing calculator.

You can always contact us if you need help working something out, or if you want to have a chat.

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