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Welcome to Timescale Cloud! Timescale Cloud is a cloud-native TimescaleDB as a service that is easy to get started and powerful enough for the most demanding scenarios.

For installation instructions, and help getting your first service up and running, see the Timescale Cloud installation section.

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Read about TimescaleDB features in our documentation:

Keep testing during your free trial

You're now on your way to a great start with Timescale!

You have an unthrottled, 30-day free trial with Timescale Cloud to continue to test your use case. Before the end of your trial, we encourage you to add your credit card information. This ensures a smooth transition after your trial period concludes.


We're excited to play a small part in helping you build a best-in-class time-series application or monitoring tool. If you have any questions, please feel free to join our community Slack group or contact us directly.

Advanced configuration and multi-node setup

Timescale Cloud is a versatile hosting service that provides a growing list of advanced features for your PostgreSQL and time-series data workloads.

For additional documentation on how to:

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