You can use PostgreSQL extensions with Timescale Cloud. If you run pg_available_extensions at the command prompt, the returned list of extensions is inaccurate. To see the allowed extensions, use this command instead:

SELECT pae.* FROM current_setting('extwlist.extensions') AS cs(e) CROSS JOIN regexp_split_to_table(e, ',') AS ext(allowed) JOIN pg_available_extensions AS pae ON (allowed=name) ORDER BY 1;

These are the currently supported extensions:

bloomBloom access method - signature file based index
btree_ginSupport for indexing common datatypes in GIN
btree_gistSupport for indexing common datatypes in GiST
citextData type for case-insensitive character strings
cubeData type for multidimensional cubes
dict_intText search dictionary template for integers
dict_xsynText search dictionary template for extended synonym processing
fuzzystrmatchDetermine similarities and distance between strings
hstoreData type for storing sets of (key, value) pairs
intarrayFunctions, operators, and index support for 1-D arrays of integers
isnData types for international product numbering standards
loLarge Object maintenance
ltreeData type for hierarchical tree-like structures
pg_stat_statementsTrack execution statistics of all SQL statements executed
pg_trgmText similarity measurement and index searching based on trigrams
pgcryptoCryptographic functions
pgroutingpgRouting Extension
postgisPostGIS geometry and geography spatial types and functions
postgis_rasterPostGIS raster types and functions
postgis_sfcgalPostGIS SFCGAL functions
postgis_tiger_geocoderPostGIS tiger geocoder and reverse geocoder
postgis_topologyPostGIS topology spatial types and functions
promscalePromscale support functions
segdata type for representing line segments or floating-point intervals
tablefuncFunctions that manipulate whole tables, including crosstab
tcnTriggered change notifications
timescaledb_toolkitTimescaleDB Toolkit
timescaledbEnables scalable inserts and complex queries for time-series data
tsm_system_rowsTABLESAMPLE method which accepts number of rows as a limit
tsm_system_timeTABLESAMPLE method which accepts time in milliseconds as a limit
unaccentText search dictionary that removes accents
uuid-osspGenerate universally unique identifiers (UUIDs)

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