When you log in to your Timescale Cloud account, navigate to the Billing page to manage billing for your Timescale Cloud account. From here, you can see your monthly usage, past payments you have made, the estimated cost of your next payment confirmation, and your current payment method.

About Timescale Cloud billing

Timescale Cloud payment confirmations are issued on the first day of every month, and cover usage of your Timescale Cloud services for the entire calendar month. By default, your payment confirmation is sent to the email address you registered your account with. If you want to set a different billing email address, you can do so on the Billing details page, see instructions in this section.

The billing email you receive at the end of each calendar month includes a PDF copy of your payment confirmation for your own records. The PDF includes information on the services you have used through the month, broken down into storage, compute, and VPC hourly consumption.

You can see previously issued payment confirmations on the Billing details page, in the Past Payments section. If a payment could not be processed, payment confirmations in this section display an error asking you to review the payment method.

When you open a new Timescale Cloud account, the first 30 days are free for you to use. During the trial, a payment confirmation is issued on the last day of the calendar month for the value of the services you have used, with a discount applied to bring the payment confirmation total to $0.00. If the entirety of your consumption for the month was within the trial, you do not receive an emailed payment confirmation, but the payment confirmation is available to download in the Past Payments section.

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