Backup and restore

Timescale Cloud has a range of automated backup and restore mechanisms. All automated backups in Timescale Cloud are created using the pgbackrest tool. There is no need for you to manually perform backups for your Timescale Cloud service.

Timescale Cloud automatically creates one full backup every week. We also create incremental backups every day, which store any changes since the last full backup. The two most recent full backups are stored securely on an Amazon S3 service, along with the most recent incremental backups, and a write-ahead log (WAL) of all the changes that have occurred. This means that you always have a backup for the current and the previous week, and we can restore your backup to any point during that timeframe.

When you delete an instance, we retain a backup of the instance for seven days.

If you need to restore your database from a backup, please contact support.

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