Timescale Cloud

Timescale Cloud is a cloud-native TimescaleDB as a service that is easy to get started and powerful enough for the most demanding scenarios. You can try Timescale Cloud for free, no credit card required.

Cloud-native, easy start, low cost

Built and operated by the team behind TimescaleDB, Timescale Cloud is the innovative and cost-effective way to store and analyze your time-series data.

  • Spin up your first instance in 30 seconds
  • Decoupled storage and compute options for extreme flexibility
  • Worry-free operations with automated upgrades and backup/recovery
  • Plans start at $0.067/hour

Accelerated performance

Ingest high velocity data and perform fast SQL analysis across massive, high-cardinality datasets.

  • Write millions of data points per second
  • 10-100x faster queries than PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB
  • Advanced columnar compression for 94 - 97% compression savings
  • Built-in query optimizations and parallelization

Postgres for time-series

Purpose-built time-series analytical functions that build on PostgreSQL.

  • Advanced time-series functions, including downsampling and interpolation
  • Real-time continuous aggregations for fast, up-to-date answers
  • Unlimited metadata, JOIN relational and time-series data
  • Data retention policies for both raw and aggregate data

Get there without the hassle

Build data-driven apps, services, and systems faster using the programming languages and tools you already know, proven PostgreSQL ecosystem, and pre-built integrations and extensions.

  • Full SQL, no restrictions
  • Entire toolset works - ORMs, connectors, JDBC, applications
  • More than 75 popular PostgreSQL extensions including PostGIS, pre-installed
  • Integrated support for Prometheus long-term storage

For more information on Timescale Cloud's terms of service, visit the Timescale website.

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