Timescale Cloud is a cloud-native TimescaleDB as a service that is easy to get started and powerful enough for the most demanding scenarios. You can try Timescale Cloud for free, no credit card required.

Built and operated by the team behind TimescaleDB, Timescale Cloud is the innovative and cost-effective way to store and analyze your time-series data.

  • Spin up your first instance in 30 seconds
  • Decoupled storage and compute options for extreme flexibility
  • Worry-free operations with automated upgrades and backup/recovery
  • Plans start at $0.067/hour

Ingest high velocity data and perform fast SQL analysis across massive, high-cardinality datasets.

  • Write millions of data points per second
  • 10-100x faster queries than PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB
  • Advanced columnar compression for 94 - 97% compression savings
  • Built-in query optimizations and parallelization

Purpose-built time-series analytical functions that build on PostgreSQL.

  • Advanced time-series functions, including downsampling and interpolation
  • Real-time continuous aggregations for fast, up-to-date answers
  • Unlimited metadata, JOIN relational and time-series data
  • Data retention policies for both raw and aggregate data

Build data-driven apps, services, and systems faster using the programming languages and tools you already know, proven PostgreSQL ecosystem, and pre-built integrations and extensions.

  • Full SQL, no restrictions
  • Entire toolset works - ORMs, connectors, JDBC, applications
  • More than 75 popular PostgreSQL extensions including PostGIS, pre-installed
  • Integrated support for Prometheus long-term storage

Choose your preferred AWS region for each service. Supported regions include:

  • ap-southeast-2, APAC (Sydney)
  • eu-central-1, Europe (Frankfurt)
  • eu-west-1, Europe (Ireland)
  • us-east-1, US East (North Virginia)
  • us-west-2, US West (Oregon)

For more information on Timescale Cloud's terms of service, visit the Timescale website.

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