Saturating math

The saturating math hyperfunctions help you perform saturating math on integers. In saturating math, the final result is bounded. If the result of a normal mathematical operation exceeds either the minimum or maximum bound, the result of the corresponding saturating math operation is capped at the bound. For example, 2 + (-3) = -1. But in a saturating math function with a lower bound of zero, the result is 0.

You can use saturating math to make sure your results don't overflow the allowed range of integers, or to force a result to be greater than or equal to zero.

Some hyperfunctions are included in the default TimescaleDB product. For additional hyperfunctions, you need to install the Timescale Toolkit PostgreSQL extension.

Hyperfunction subfamilyHyperfunction typeAPI callToolkitExperimental
Saturating mathOthersaturating_add()

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